Fantasy Beauty Salon
125 Brent street NW4 2DX

Monday - Sunday:
10 AM - 7 PM
11 AM - 5 PM

Fantasy Nails and Beauty Salon
12 New College Parade - NW3 5EP

Monday - Saturday:
10 AM - 7 PM
11 AM - 5 PM
Close on Bank Holidays

Welcome to Fantasy-land, where you can get the best nails care, hair care and luxurious body treatment in town.

We combine meticulous attention to detail with the most luxurious, soothing and moisturizing products.

As soon as you walk in, you would fell our warmly welcome and it's our promise to provide the ultimate experience for those who believe, like we do, looking good does matter.

Whether you visit us for nails care, hair care or a spa break, you are guaranteed to feel relaxed, revived and refreshed.

And thank you all for your custom. Your satisfaction is our business.